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Wedding Photography

Wedding photography doesn’t have to be boring. As your wedding photographer I tell the exciting story of your wedding day; with a bit of humor, an artistic esthetic, and an eye for authenticity. I want to show you who you really are and how you experience your relationship with the ones you love; in such a way you can feel your emotions coming back to you over and over again.


Commercial Photography

What makes your company unique? My commercial photography helps you to translate your company's mission statement into powerful images that let you stand out from the pack. Creating strong, timeless corporate portraits is one of my fortes.


Family Photography

Your family is unique and that's why you’ll never get a standard family portrait from me. My aim is to capture real life. I connect with your story from the start of your day and document how you live and love; resulting in artwork that speaks to your heart.


About me

The essence of my photography

Hi, I’m Yves. I seek the balance between composition, light and emotion; in search of the perfection in the imperfection. Capturing sincere moments of authentic connection and revealing the raw, intense, funny and even fragile feelings that will color your future memories; for me that is what photography is all about.
Through my work I seek to reveal your unique personality and document the essence of your life and love unfolding naturally through compelling photographs that stand the test of time.

I currently live in Antwerp, Belgium, and travel throughout Europe and around the world for weddings, family documentary portraits, and commercial assignments.

My wedding photography is recognized around the globe and has won numerous international awards. Nevertheless, what is important to me is that my photography speaks to you.

So check out my portfolio, then reach out at your convenience. I am looking forward to connecting and creating photos for you that tell your story like no other.


Looking for a photography workshop that will catapult your skills and your business? Whether you’re new to the game or highly experienced you can find the perfect fit below.

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Books and blogs about wedding or family photography are great, but a photography workshop focused on where you are in your career will push you further and faster to your goals, giving you an outside perspective on your strengths and weaknesses.

Join me for a one on one session focused on your wedding and family photography. We will start by getting to know each other over lunch and get to work right after! We’ll touch the subjects that you find are important: whether they are technical questions, improving your post-processing, or how to book the right client, we get to the depth of it.

We’ll review your portfolio together and map out your focus points to improve your photography and business so you’re ready to take it to the next level.

Consistency is the key to success in family and wedding photography. Our One to One sessions boost your skills and business strategies as we work together to implement your new insights into your workflow during the mentoring program.

After the first session where we will map out your focus points, we schedule in several more sessions guide your progress. We work together to see what part is working, what is not working, and most importantly why. We end every session with to do’s for your next shoots, so you can take your wedding or family photography to the next level.

The mentoring program also gives you the opportunity to focus on the business side of your photography, so you can improve your work and make your brand cohesive. Success is guaranteed!

Interested in going deep with an intensive 3-day workshop that will boost your work and your business fundamentally?

Neem dan snel eens een kijkje op  en ontdek wanneer er een volgende workshop gepland staat.


Come join me and a few of my talented colleagues for an experience like no other. Check out the Mind The Moment workshop and get the latest on our next event.


Hire me

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Starting at €2500

Are you looking for a wedding photographer that captures the authenticity of your wedding day but also excels in artistic portraits? Then you’ve come to the right address. You can book me for wedding shoots in Belgium or wherever you are in the world and I’ll have my passport ready. I offer lots of options including engagement shoots and wedding albums, all customized to your preferences.

Everything starts with our first connection, so please reach out to me for further info.

On request

My commercial photography does not end with corporate portraits, and I’d love to capture the essence of your company for editorial publications, websites or brochures. Corporate portraits can be shot on location or at my home studio.

Feel free to reach out with your specific needs and I’ll be happy to get back to you with a customized quote.

Starting at €550

Family sessions that portray the uniqueness of your family are simply priceless. When you work with me you can expect your family and your life to be documented as it really is; in all of its wonderful glory.

Many of the families I work with booked annual sessions, and I have offer special rates to my long term clients.

On request

Whether you’re just starting out as a wedding or family photographer or are looking for a kick in the ass to freshen things up, then our one to one sessions are a perfect start. Our mentoring program will enable you to transform your complete photography business and we will guide you through the process from start to finish.

Sign up and take your photography to the next level!

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